What is the Open Carry Guitar Rally?

The Open Carry Guitar Rally is a satirical poke at the Open Carry Gun crowd.  While our event is not particulary anti-gun, it is against open carry of guns in public spaces and provides people a way to expess their opposition of open carry without further escalating a dangerous situation.  In the words of creator Barry Kooda – ‘We aren’t anti-gun, we’re anti-stupid.’  During an open carry guitar rally, citizens congregate in a public place while brandishing their instruments and trading songs and guitar licks. Some attendees express anti-gun sentiment, but others view the gatherings simply as an opportunity to enjoy the camaraderie of fellow guitar enthusiasts and show off their prized axe.  We are musicians first, and we come in peace.  Since the original Open Carry Guitar Rally last year in Dallas, there have been rallies in Austin, Cleveland, Fresno, and both Bend and Medford Oregon and more planned this year in other states.